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2002.05 - LIXING CHAIN CO., LTD and the brand PYC Chains founded by General Manager Mr. Paul Chen in Tainan city, Taiwan.

2002.09 - LIXING CHAIN invested a branch factory located in KunShan city, Jiangsu, China mainland, mainly produced bicycle chains and standard motorcycle chains such as 415E, 420 and 428.

2008.07 -July. 2008 Producing capacity reached 1. 1 million pcs / month.

2009.10 - Successtully developed high durable street BMX chain P121 Half-link, which was used by leading BMX brands for oe BMX chains.

2011.08 - LIXING CHAIN brought in more facilities and 3 producing lines to Taiwan factory, focus on producing high end bicycle chains for 9, 10, 11 speed.

2012.11 - LIXING PYC launched new all All-Terrain Half-link chain XX121 BMX Pro into the market.

2017.09 - With the support of continual R&D and new high tech producing crafts,LIXING CHAIN successtully developed new Generation high performance chains with higher durability, wearing performance increased over 35%, which highly appraised by the customers in cycle business circle.

2018.08 - LIXING PYC launched ZNT pro ( Anti rust chain) chains into the market, 650 hours of salt spray test passed.

2019.08- LIXING PYC Iaunched 12 speed bicycle chains into the market.

2021.04 - LIXING PYC developed new Generation eNova series high performance chains tor e-bikes, narrower but more durable , with stronger breaking load than standard bicycle chains.

2022.10- In the moment of 20th Anniversary, LIXING PYC moved to new plant in Tainan Taiwan, and brought in another new automatic producing line for e-bike chains.